Radio Inputs

value Is the value of the radio.

You selected undefined

<RadioGroup group="group1" let:group>
	<Radio value="option1" name={group} bind:group={example1}>Option 1</Radio>
	<Radio value="option2" name={group} bind:group={example1}>Option 2</Radio>


A choicebox is an alternative form of Radio or Checkbox, with a larger tap target.

You selected undefined

<ChoiceboxGroup group="group2" let:group>
	<Choicebox name={group} bind:group={example2} value="option1" type="radio">
		<span slot="title">Option 1</span>
		<span slot="description">You see, this is a very cool component.</span>
	<Choicebox name={group} bind:group={example2} value="option2" type="radio">
		<span slot="title">Option 2</span>
		<span slot="description">This is also a component.</span>